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School Breakfast
School Breakfast
We encourage all students to eat a nutritious breakfast which will prepare them for their school day. Research shows that students who eat breakfast:
*Score better on standardized tests.
*Improve academic achievement
*Have fewer health issues
*Behave better in class.
A school breakfast can provide peace of mind for parents who are often rushed in the morning trying to send children off to school. ALL STUDENTS are eligible to participate in the school breakfast program. If your child walks, takes a bus or arrives to school by car, they may still have breakfast at school. If your child receives a free or reduced price lunch they also receive a free or reduced price breakfast. There is no extra paper work required. Please call your kitchen staff with any questions. Kitchen phone numbers are located on the back side of each monthly menu. Effective September 2015 Breakfast prices will be:
Breakfast $1.75
Reduced Price Breakfast $ .30
Free Breakfast Free